Friday, 13 February 2015

Salt Lake City The Rootstech 2015/ FGS Conference First Impressions

I arrived in Salt Lake City on 8th February to a beautiful sunny warm day which was totally out of keeping for this part of the world in early February.
I had spent the previous week with my cousins near Memphis where we had days of warm sunshine and sub zero overnight temperatures, but no rain or snow. On the 7th February we were sitting outside in the garden and cooking on the barbecue. What crazy weather this year and I could have left some of the cold weather gear at home.
Enough of the British preoccupation with the weather this is a genealogy blog and I want to share my first impressions of this major US conference.
I have taken some photographs and I have included one or two that others have shared.
This is the place to connect with others but I am surprised at how many faces I recognised.
On the opening day of FGS I attended sessions from Lisa Louise Cooke, Thomas MacEntee, Judy G Russell and Cyndi Ingle as well as the Opening session.
Here is a link to a video blog that Jill Ball has on her You Tube channel.

On the first day of Rootstech 2015 apart from the Keynote speakers I went to a talk by Thomas W Jones the author of Mastering Genealogical Proof which we studied with DearMYRTLE last year. Then after a lunch in the Expo Hall where I caught up with the WikiTree team I went to a talk by Rosalind McCutcheon Irish Records - Beyond the Obvious and then Thomas MacEntee was Pinning Your Family History.

Here is a slideshow of some of the photographs I have taken or have been shared with me. I am sure I will have many more by the time I go home on Sunday.


  1. And one of the best things is meeting fellow online genimates like you Hilary.

  2. Hilary I love your VOICE! Finally and I got to see you. I enjoyed you on Dear Mryt and I'm so glad you made it. HOpefully I'll see you and get to meet you one day!

  3. I'm so happy to have met you, Hillary. We had great fun!


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