Friday, 20 November 2015

A Family Story

So...This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket to create a blog post.  You start researching and one rabbit hole leads you down a path that you find yourself at the crossroads of the Cheshire Cat resting place. "Where do you want to go?" A thousand thoughts go through your mind and the next google search points you down another path.  Then the nurse comes in and distracts you from your direction by riling up your mother from her sleep and creating minutes of chaos.  Things quieten down and you try to collect your fractionated thoughts, but you are back a square one. The collected basket of information so far collected is examined and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there isn't any cohesive points.  A big sigh is breathed, and the process begins again.
Finally 4 days later and many repetitious moments of the previous sentences, the Doctor releases your mother to return to her assisted living facility. All is well again. You figure, Yes! now I can concentrate.
You return home, open your computer to organize and write what you have.  Still, the information appears like a kaleidoscope of ideas.  The phone rings, and you hear..."GrandmomE, come down and play with me, please, Please, Please..." In the sweetest of of pleading voices. "Come play with me."

It is not hard to admit, one looks at the computer, then at the phone...and the sweet voice wins.
The story is not written, but the ground work is planned and the collection has begun. So, here is a preview and see if you can figure out what road we will be traveling next month.
 Normandy Invasion, June 1944
Battle of the Bulge September 1944

Right now an angel face is patiently waiting for grandmomE to put the computer down and snuggle her to sleep.
And that is how the plans of a genealogy blogger can be waylaid by present day family.  Do you identify?  See you next month with a well organized post. In the mean time snuggle and love your sweeties and make memories for them to write about. 


  1. OOps.. This was to have been for the 19th. Sorry whoever's toes I have tripped over. :(

  2. Life, what family history is made of. Enjoy those hugs and cuddles.

  3. Yes, I can identify with this post! And I so agree with Carol!

  4. Totally can relate with this post! She is absolutely precious. Enjoy those moments!

  5. I totally forgot to post last month and I still have a story to finish on my own blog that I started last year. I may finish it before the end of the year, but I am not the most organised person, so it may become part of my new year resolution in January.

  6. Love your post!! it is reassuring to see that we all are distracted from our story writing by family :) and life in general.


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