Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Butcher, Baker - What Did Your Ancestors Do? Ancestral Occupation Geneameme.

Sharn White

 NSW Rail Carriage built by my great great grandfather, John Morrison c 1890
The diversity of ancestors' and relatives' occupations is quite fascinating. To think that we have become who we are today as a result of the many lives and occupations before us is mind boggling. This is what prompted me to do an alphabetical list of my known ancestor occupations.  I have included occupations of siblings of my ancestors and added other relevant information, such as surnames, timelines and illustrations where I felt it significant. Simply the name of an occupation on its own is interesting enough if you do this geneameme. I have not included the job of every ancestor and I expect that this project will be an ongoing one. I'm certain that listing the occupations my ancestors will give me much food for thought for future blog posts however. I have found it fascinating to list the wide range of jobs my forebears participated!

Now, unless you have a Xylophone player or an undertaker in your family you may not be able to fill in the entire alphabet, but you can always come back to it when you do find that elusive occupation for  U, X or Z! (German ancestors do help with the "Z" occupations).  I hope you enjoy sharing the occupations of your own ancestors as much as I did. 

A: Aircraft Manufacturer (Rex Morley HOYES, Southampton WW2)
     Agricultural Labourer (Ag Lab) (England)
     Accountant (ABSOLOM, Middlesex, England mid 1800's)

B: Bailiff ( Bertrum GAIRE, Bailiff of Morpeth, Northumberland UK, 16th and 17th Century)

MY ancestor Bertrum Gaire would have well known Morpeth Castle c 11th century.

     Builder (John MORRISON, Nottinghamshire, Australia, late 19th century)

Strathfield Council Chambers built by John Morrison, 1887

      Bootmaker (Jacob HÄBERLING, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland, 19th Century)
      Besitzer (Assessor) (SIEGLER, Baden Württemberg, Germany, 1800's)
      Bondsman ( DAWSON, Nottinghamshire, late 1700's)
      Bobbin Winder (HOYES, Nottinghamshire,1851)
      Barrister's Clerk (WESTON, London mid 1800's)
C: Carriage Builder (John MORRISON, Strathfield 1880-1900)
     Coal Miner,  MCDADE, BONNER, Scotland 19th Century

Coal Mining 19th Century Image Wikipedia Creative Commons ©©

     Carpenter, (TURNER, Ipswich, Suffolk, England)
     Carter (RENNIE, Scotland)
     Charwman (TURNER, St Marylebone, London, 1850)

D: Dressmaker (WESTON, Kensington, London 1850)
     Dairy Maid (GAIR, Northumberland, 1851)

E: Engine Driver (EVANS, Rosario, Argentina, 1880)

F: Farmer, ( WHITE, THOMPSON, CLAKE, ireland, NERGER, Darling Downs, Bauer, Maryborough, Australia, Gair, Northumberland England)

G: Gold Miner (NERGER, Gympie. Queensland, Australia)
     Gardener (GAIR, Heaton Park, Northumberland, 1830)

H: Hand Loom Linen Weaver (HOYES, Nottinghamshire, England, 1851)
     House Servant (WESTON, London, England)

I: Interior Designer (REECE HOYES Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

J: Jute Bag Sewer (MCDADE, Greenock, Glasgow, Scotland 1871)
    Journey Carpenter (Morley, Middlesex, London, England, 1851)

K: Kiln Burner (FRASER, Scotland)

Remains of a Lime Kiln Image Creative Commons ©©

L: Law Clerk (WESTON, Greys Inn, London, 19th Century)
     Labourer (England, ireland, Scotland, Australia)
     Letter Carrier (SEALEY, London, 1871)

M: Miller ( MORLEY, Marston and Hougham, Lincolnshire, England)
      Musikant (Musician) (SIGLER, Tiefenbronn, Germany)
      Mill Worker, (MCDADE, Glasgow, Scotland)
      Mason Journeyman, (CAMERON, Glasgow, Scotland)

By Anonymous - L'Iconographie de l'Orgue et du Clavecin, 18th century book, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3852490

N: Needlewoman (WESTON, London, England, 1850's)
     Nurse (MORRISON, Queensland, Australia 1900's)

My Morrison family of Nurses who ran the private hospital in Cooroy. Image in the possession of the author. Originally courtesy of the Pomona Museum.

O: Opera Singer (HOYES, Leo, New Zealand and Australia)

P: Publican (FRAYNE, Singelton, NSW, Australia)
    Pantry Boy (FRAYNE, Dublin, Ireland mid 1800's)
    Pianist (MCDADE, Scotland, Australia)

Colin John McDade (my father) Photo in the possesion of the author.

    Parish Relief (BERRY, Nottinghamshire, England 1850's)
    Plumber (HOYES, Nottinghamshire, England 1861)
    Physician (FERRIAR, John M.D., Manchester, UK, late 18th early 19th C)


R: Rail Workshop Manager (MORRISON, Ipswich Qld, Australia)
     Railway Porter (PILMER, Glasgow, Scotland, 1851)

S: Siebmacher (SIEGLER, Sieve maker for wine making, Germany, 16 and 17th C)
    Schuhmacher, (HÄBERLING, Ottenbach, Switzerland early 1800's)
    Surgeon, (Arthur GAIR, Alnwick, Northumberland, mid 18th C)
    Sugeon, Edward Manton WESTON, London and Venezuela, mid 19th C)
    Sexton, ( Edward MANTON, St Mary's Islington, London, 18th C)
    Shepherd, (NERGER, Prussia and Darling Downs, Auatralia)
    Ship's Agent (WESTON, St Clement's Dane, London 1850)
    Soldier (FERRIAR, Carabobo, Venezuela early 1800's)

T: Turncock (MCDADE, Brisbane, Qld, Australia)
     Threadmill Worker (CAMPBELL, Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland 1936)



W: Weaver (William Hoyes, Newark, Nottinghamshire, early 19th C)



Z: Zimmerknecht (Interior Painter) (Germany)