Background To Worldwide Genealogy

It all started when a Gene Meme posted by +Jill Ball was shared to the Geniaus blog. As I was answering the questions presented by Jill I became acutely aware that genealogists are passionate about blogging, collaboration and of course genealogy.

I then pondered whether we could in the spirit of all things genealogical and historical produce a blog, written daily by someone different everyday from across the globe. I floated the idea in the genealogical blogging arena. The response was positive and good, although I was somewhat disappointed that there was not more uptake. Never put off by a challenge I decided to proceed with the plan.

Initially the project was called Global Genealogy, then five months later, just before Christmas I received an email from a company in the United States that they were called Global Genealogy, so at the end of December this blog, Worldwide Genealogy ~ A Genealogical Collaboration was born.

Julie Goucher
31st December 2013


  1. I would like to participate...Looking for the email link. My email is

  2. Still trying to learn about site, and what can be done on this site. To search my family history.


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