Saturday, 12 August 2017

Staying Active

No this post is not about exercise (not in the true sense of the word anyway). I might say it was about a different type of exercise, one that requires the use of the brain, writing blog posts.

This year has seen a dearth of posts on this blog. One can speculate as regards the reasons why this has happened. Basically though it is down to the simple fact that other things in life often have to take priority. For most of us genealogy is a hobby which we do in our "spare" time and the amount of time we can devote to pursuit of our family will depend on the circumstances of each individual and their passion for what they do. Professionals may have even less time to devote to activities which do not bring a financial reward (though many do participate as a way of getting themselves known to those who may require their services). That being said for many years the number of blogs about genealogy have been growing. Some months ago I read a post by Julie Cahill Tarr on this topic James Tanner wrote about this on his Genealogy Star blog and Amy Johnson Crow then did a nice follow on post . If you have not seen these take a look and check out the comments below each post.

So lack of posts is not specific to this blog. However this blog differs from most of the others in that it has posts from genealogists across the globe. 
As genealogists know with the growth of the internet it is becoming easier to do research for some records without having to travel but this can mean we are less familiar with the records or they need translating. Being able to approach others more familiar with those records or seeing them discussing that type of record can be extremely useful. This blog has the potential to be the place to come for collaboration from both a reader and writer perspective.

How can we get bloggers to contribute more?
Does this blog need support from Geneabloggers Tribe (Many of the contributors past and present are members of Geneabloggers Tribe and several are part of the admin team)?

I don't know the answer and ultimately it has got to be something that Julie Goucher who had both the idea and organised the set up of this blog is happy with since it is still her blog.

Please leave any constructive comments you might have as this blog is all about collaboration. I am sure that the other 4 bloggers that have posted this year will agree that we would love for more bloggers to be contributing.