Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Worldwide Genealogy - One Lovely Blog!

In the last month I have been awarded over at Anglers Rest, and then here, twice along with my fellow writers the One Lovely Blog Award.

Some other blogging buddies know that I feel about awards, and I wrote about it HERE back in January 2013 when I stated that I would accept gratefully in the spirit they were given, but would not pass along. Instead I would contribute to the Kiva Project via the Genealogists for Families Team. I still do support the Kiva Project and will be making a loan via the site today.

The One Lovely Blog Award is quite an honour for this blog. It represents the knowledge, friendship, expertise and collaboration of a group of like minded people separated by various expanses of water, land masses and time zones. As I type this on Wednesday afternoon it is already Thursday for several collaborators and the middle of the night for others. 

What was a random suggestion about a year ago was taken and supported by a group of genealogists and historians. Overall, we deliver each day of the month, a different view or aspect of history. We share an abundance of knowledge that is different to each other. That knowledge is respected and welcomed. 

As we head into 2015 the current writers are going to shuffle backwards, writing every two months. That means we now have twelve spaces for new writers to join us. There are no rules, well not many. Simply write on your given day and deliver a blog post that represents the historical, genealogical or local history arena. That is pretty simple eh?

There is no financial reward, what there is though, that will yield more than money is the spirit of friendship, cast across the globe ignoring all the prejudices that there are in the world. So, if you are in the market to spread your writing wings, to deliver a blog post every other month, just six a year, and want to make some new friends or perhaps join some existing ones then this lovely blog, the Worldwide Genealogy Blog is the place to be! 

Please leave a comment ensuring I can email you back, or feel free to email me using the subject line of Worldwide Genealogy Blog.


  1. Hi, I'm interested in joining your World Wide Blogging group. Can you email me with requirements etc.? I am currently on the road but do have full computer/email access. My blog is at

    1. Karen, Lovely to hear from you. I have dropped you an email!

  2. Julie,

    I had not heard of the Kiva Project; it sounds wonderful!

    I like your policy. If I am ever fortunate enough to win another award, I will choose a charity and donate. Thank you for giving me such a creative idea.

  3. This certainly is a lovely blog! I'm looking forward to reading some new geneabloggers' posts as well as ones from all the great people who contribute now.

    Congratulations, Julie, on the award.


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