Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer, Perfect for Remembering and Headstones

Summer here in the USA is mostly a done deal.  Soon our youngsters will be headed back to school (actually some have already started).

So between shopping for school supplies, some last minute vacation getaways and our upcoming National holiday of Labor Day, we are all busy people.

How have you spent your summer days?  Researching in libraries, visiting cemeteries, laying on the beach?

Well, there was no beach time, cemeteries or research trips for Man and I this summer.  We have been sticking close to the stick built, but, believe me, we have not been idle.  We have had quite a few visitors, including my Mother and the grandtwins.  We have been doing lots of yard work, the yard was ignored for a few summers, the flower beds were and parts still are, rather overgrown and full of weeds.  We have spread over 8 cubic yards of cedar mulch so far, here and there, and we still have another 3 left in the utility trailer to spread.

During breaks from all this great exercise and family time I work on the data base, reviewing, linking photos and documents.  All good things.

With the sale of Man’s childhood home last month, we are going to do something else that needs to be done.  It has been over 50 years waiting to be done.  We are going to invest in something marble or bronze - - 

We are ordering headstones for his grandparents and his great grandparents.  One of the great-grandparents died in 1923, no stone.  His wife, died in 1939, no stone.  The grandparents we will be memorializing died in 1952 and 1954, again, no stones.

We have been asked, why do this, when there are very few that will visit the graves?  Stones are not cheap.  Simple, everyone deserves to be remembered.   

Calls are being made, information gathered, brochures requested.  The hope is that before these Rvers head south for the cold months we will have stones in place for those who have waited far too long.  

RIP, Charlotte Gehrke, Carl Gehrke, Arthur N Stevens (aka Archibald Lashbrook) and Edna Stevens.  You have not been forgotten.

* Photo courtesy of Kaz, subscriber at Pixabay.  Permission was requested for use of her Public Domain photo, permission was granted.  Thanks Karen.


  1. We are trying to do a similar thing hhere in Australia for some of our ancestors but are being frustrated by cemetery administrators.

    Remembering our ancestors in this way is a worthwhile activity - hope that you can share some photos of your stones once they are in place.

  2. Sounds great! I keep wanting to go fix an ancestor's stone... Procrastination here.

  3. Jill, I hope to have photos before winter sets in, if not, I will get them next year in the spring.

    Fran, we have actually asked for Man's parents stone to be leveled too. While we are dealing with the cemetery, and there is perpetual care.


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