Monday, 19 September 2016

Updates for Those Who Use FamilySearch

It has been a while since I have updated about the newest in FamilySearch. The developers and product managers have been moving so fast lately it has been hard to keep up.

They have a FamilySearch Channel on YouTube that keeps people abreast of changes and dreams for the website.

The other big changes have been on the Wiki.  They have done a series of upgrades. If you used to be a Wiki contributor, you may have to request editing rights.  There is a form on the pages to fill out if needed.  The FamilySearch Wiki is up to 84, 488 articles now. So much help is found here. put in a search term and see how many articles there are. FamilySearch has several pages on the Wiki of how to use FamilySearch. This is one such article on FamilySearch Search Tips and Tricks.
They use the Wiki to give instruction and tips on using Family Tree also. This is an example of the articles, it says "Attaching FamilySearch (FS) Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker" but it is so much more. Click on the title to view.

A personal favorite is the  Just as we have a Worldwide collaborative genealogy blog, they have many guest posts who write about many different aspects of FamilySearch from Roots Tech (which by the way has opened registration for next February 2017. )  to what is the latest changes, Indexing, or someone's stories.
From the blog you can explore everything. I put a red square, or arrow where you can join in. The Search drop down will give you the Wiki. 
If you have not tried all aspects of FamilySearch then, please, jump right in and join the rest of us. There is laughter at stories on the Tree, tears and frustration learning to work hands on with others in the Tree, and shouts of joy at the new discoveries in the FamilySearch collections that are added faster than the indexers can keep up with. I have had many who have tried the Wiki and discovered a place to look for an ancestor which led to a break through.

FamilySearch is my passion, I hope you will love it too.


  1. I love FamilySearch for research but their one-tree philosophy is nothing but an endless source of frustration for me. I have "killed" an imposter 3X great greandfather more times than I can count. I have sourced my information and attached online records and transcriptions of offline records to prove my correct 3X great grandfather. Yet the "imposter" keeps showing up. Drives me crazy.

  2. Amen, Schalene! I have two of those, and every once in a while, I just still back and watch the changes. I keep hoping this too will pass, or they will get a life. (trying to not giggle too much.)

  3. Submit your problem to Feedback and report it as abuse. If it is a verifiable problem, Data Quality can contact the person making the errors and threaten to put the person's account on probation and eventually to suspension if bad behavior persists.


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