Saturday, 2 April 2016

April Alphabets

Yesterday I made the rash decision to join the 2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge. Now I am wondering when I will get time to eat and sleep as I follow some of the close to 2000 blogs that are on the list of participants.

I am hoping to give my CurryAus Surname Study a boost by blogging stories about Australian Currys (people not food) on my CurryAus blog. It's barely day two and the blog statistics have  already spiked.

One of the reasons I joined the activity was because many of my friends were taking part and secondly I wanted to meet and learn from some new bloggers - I've hooked up with a couple.

If you haven't time to join as a blogger please consider taking a a look at the list of participants and visiting and commenting (an important part of the event)  on their blogs.

Some of the newtome blogs I have discovered so far are:

Genwest UK
The Curry Apple Orchard
My Genealogy Challenges
Southern Graves
Springhill History

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  1. Genealogy is interesting, and much easier with the internet. Good luck in your searches. BTW, not all the authors featured on my blog (Authors, AtoZ) will be science fiction, there are some literary, and several other genres. And, thanks for visiting my blog!


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