Thursday, 3 December 2015

Record Selection Tables at FamilySearch Wiki

Finding out where in the world to look next for clues about an ancestor isn't difficult. The key is understanding the variety of surviving record groups for a given ancestral place of residence. The wiki at has a number of Record Selection Tables.

In the screen shot above, cropped from the US Military Record Selection Table, we see the basic 3-columns (left to right.)

1. If you need
2. Look first in
3. Then Search

For instance, if you need the country of foreign birth,
  • Look first in emigration and immigration, census, naturalization and citizenship and church records.
  • Then search military records, vital records, newspapers and obituaries.
It's possible for records to be available in digital, microform or textual format. Note that when looking at the actual US Military Record Selection Table, record types are clickable.

Record Selection Tables are found within a specific wiki page, such as under the topic of US Military Records. However, it is also possible to search the entire FamilySearch wiki for "Record Selection Table" (without quote marks.)

These are the FamilySearch Wiki Record Selection Table results from my search today. Results may be listed in state, province, ethnic group or country level categories.

As with any wiki, some pages are fully developed while others are in the planning stages. 

The map graphic at the top of the page is from David Rumsey Maps. Joan by Joan Blaeu, Atlas Maior Sive Cosmographia Blaviana, Qua Solvm, Salvm, Coelvm, Accvratissime Describvntvr. Koeman B1 56; van der Krogt 2:601-3 (first volume dated 1665, all others dated 1662).


  1. I love this table! such a good reminder or prompter to be thorough! Thank you for this! Helen

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