Thursday, 16 April 2015

I Got Work To Do - - Scans, Etc.


How bout you?

I have not been participating in the "Do-over" memes. Maybe I should have. 

Truth is, Man and I have been traveling rather hard. 1,225 miles on Tana since we left Needles California on February 26, 2015. We have put on many more miles just driving around in Jolly the truck.

We have visited Route 66, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, St. George Utah, Zion, Bryce, Page Arizona where the Slot canyons and Lake Powell are. Monument Valley, Capital Reef, Moab and heading through Colorado as I type while we are rolling along. Love my iPad and the ability to write and share while rolling.

Man gazing at the stunning scenery of Monument Valley, Utah.

That said, standing in the shower this morn, my mind wandering here and there I thought of all the work and fun stuff genealogical I have to play with.

Evernote files to review. 

OneNote files to review. 

(Yes, she admits, a bit ashamedly, she uses both, Evernote and OneNote.)

Mega.  And I mean mega numbers of files to review. Digital fun galore. Not linked. Not reviewed. 

Work to do.  

I got work to do, scans, etc.

That is a name of a file on my hard drive, really it is.  See, here is a screen shot, showing the file and the 31 sub directories and the 4,524 files I have to play with.

Yes, I am a bit embarrassed to show that huge number, I mean, really, 5.51  gigs??  Of data. Unprocessed data.  Is yours that bad??

Oh, and, there is more, because, nope, it is not all filed here.  It should be, but, it is not.  I need to organize that hard drive some more too.

But for now, it awaits, as I am continuing the "step away from that computer" mode I suggested back in March.

Yes, indeed, when we get back to the stick built in SE Michigan, 

I Got Work To Do, Scans, etc.

Till then, happy researching, travel safe.



  1. We must be related........I thought it would be a stupendous idea to print off all the proof I have for everyone, put it in a labeled file folder as couples and hope that when I die someone will look at the paper before they throw it away. I thought I would put something eye catching as the first page of the folder, like a marriage certificate. Not one member of my family is interested in doing any research; they sometimes read the story I write when I have enough information about a couple to write it. My hope is that someone might pick up where I leave off if the paper isn't thrown away. But, to get to the point, I started printing documents and found I had multiple copies of too many pages. So I started cleaning out the duplicates. Sometimes I couldn't decide whether to keep a copy in each person's I did. It is taking FAR longer than I thought it would. Sometimes it's because I get side tracked when I find something I forgot I had. Sometimes it's because I had to research that document again to see if it was mine or trash. Most of it is just because of the total volume and each thing has to be looked at individually. I say I won't ever let this mess happen again.

    1. I say that too, "Never again".

      Then, I go get more! LOL

      Staying out of shiny deep research holes, impossible. Or nearly so! LOL

      Good luck T in your "cleaning".

  2. Oh, Carol! You aren't the only one with this problem. I did a major cleanup project and got a lot of the stuff on my computer input and organized. But, I didn't finish. I still have several folders to go through. And, then I have this problem. More records became available online! How can I not research the French and Azoreans records when I've waited 10 years to view them? And, what about those San Francisco Bay Area marriage records that came online last year? I couldn't leave those be...they were calling out to me.

    I suspect I will forever be catching up.

    1. Thanks Mel, it is nice to commiserate with others.

      So many wonderful electronic data bases. Nope, we cannot leave them alone.

      And, now, I must go link a death cert I found on the Missouri Death Records site just yesterday, 1964. WOOT!


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