Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Transported - Edinburgh's Political Martyrs

To the Memory of
Thomas Muir
Thomas Fyshe Palmer
William Skirving
Maurice Margarot 
Joseph Gerrald 

Erected by the Friends of Parliamentary Reform in England and Scotland 1844.  

A view (left)  from, the burial ground up to the  turreted Governor's House - the only remains of the notorious Old Calton Jail.  It   received its first prisoners in 1817 and was closed in 1925.


  1. What a nice walk through history, I love your photos!

  2. Many thanks, Diane, for taking the time to comment - much appreciated.

  3. Oof! I used to live in Edinburgh, and I was unaware of the Martyrs' monument. I knew there were Scots who had similar hopes for reform as the United Irishmen, but I haven't seen the story told before. Thank you.


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