Sunday, 14 January 2018

Book of Me Returns

New Year New Prompts

This post is a couple of days late but seeing as I have missed a couple of months I thought I would use this opportunity to return to this blog and highlight to anyone who may have missed it.

Julie Goucher who started this blog with a group of genealogy friends has started a new round of prompts for her Book of Me series. Some of them are new and as there are a number of new recruits many of the earlier prompts are also included and can be found on this page.

In 2013 I started these but did not get very far. Fortunately, I archived what I did and can go back and revisit them here is the first one.

So looking at what I wrote last time would I change anything.
I would say I do not read or bake as much as I would like. Attempts to lose weight did work, but I need to reassess, as I have started to put some back on. I want to lose more and maintain the loss.
Getting organised is the big thing and the older I get the more difficult it is to change the way I do, or rather don't do, things.
Bullet journalling worked, up to a point, but I am not one for writing everything down. I just want reminders for the important things, using calendar reminders works for most tasks, particularly where there is a deadline set.

Every one of us needs to consider what we want to leave of ourselves for those future generations.

Here are some links to the posts from Julie for this year so far

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