Thursday, 12 October 2017

Rootstech 2018

The Return Trip

I have previously written about my trip to Rootstech/FGS 2015.
In February 2018 I shall be making another trip to Salt Lake City for the Rootstech conference.

I have taken time out since Rootstech started to watch the live streaming each year. However, after attending in 2015, I really miss the buzz of spending almost a week with other genealogists.

It is not just the conference with all the variety of learning sessions available. But the opportunity to meet up with online friends and make new ones.

I have registered to get the Early Bird Price and reserved my hotel room. I am in the process of arranging my flights and then there is travel insurance and ESTA to organise. So although it is almost five months away I have plenty to do in the meantime. 

I should arrive on Sunday evening and hope to get almost 2 days to research in the Family History Library. Getting there early means I can take advantage of the Tuesday check-in and not miss any of the four days.

This is a great theme, for only today I made a connection, to a fellow WikiTree genealogist. With all the divisions in the world, being able to connect and belong to one great community with a common goal, is the best feeling in the world.

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