Wednesday, 19 July 2017

There Is a Story Behind that picture...

My first inclination over the last month was to write a pet peeve of mine...well others too, but my daughter asked for some copies of her wedding pictures, and so many memories came flooding in.
Thus, you get to be treated to the story behind the pictures in her wedding photos.

Not everyone would have wedding pictures such as these, but we did not use a professional photographer. It was her grandmother would loved, loved to take pictures. The decorations for the reception were done as a newly joined family effort. The groom's parents and the bride's parents met in the cultural hall of the church (LDS terms) and combined their thoughts and work to make it a beautiful reception. It meant stringing twine back and forth across the room at about 10 feet and hanging individually blown balloons from it to drop the ceiling. It turned out wonderful.
The bride's aunt, the groom's sister and the ceiling of balloons. 

That is just one story behind the pictures.

I will start with her dress. She had sewed each pearl on to the lace, that I added to the dress I made for her according to her specifications. There wasn't a pattern for the dress...the mom created it. In fact I was sewing the covered buttons on the sleeves as we drove from Houston to Dallas the night before the Wedding. They were sealed at the Dallas Temple.
Here is her dress.

There was another dress story that still is brought to remind me I forget things. Her sister's dress I discovered when getting ready to go to the temple had not had all the covered buttons done in the back. I had to sew her into the dress ... yeah there was a lot of teasing around that. Yes, I also made all the bridesmaid dresses.
The back of the dress that was sewn on. The little sister had asked to see the big sister's shoes.

They were both jokers and it showed through out their reception. They had both been threatening each other with a food fight regarding the cake cutting. The picture shows the end results.

They decided it was their place to entertain the attendees of the reception... They sang a family favorite "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd" by Roger Miller. It was a funny event, and fitted both so well. 

I am waiting on the groom to tell me what the grandmother said to him... may not be able to share. 

This was a memory lane for me, I hope you enjoyed it. My point is when going through those pictures, write the memory down that goes with it if you have it. Don't just write the name of the people in the picture on the back. 
I love the stories.

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