Monday, 12 December 2016

Sharing your research process

How do you share your  research?

I have recently joined my local (Gwynedd) family history society. I have no ancestor research in the area but it gives me a chance to share with others.

I already use ways of sharing my research online as a blogger and a participant in groups on Google+ and Facebook.

Tonight we have a members evening and I am sharing something from my research.

I have converted my post from July in to a presentation and will take it with me to the meeting.

Face to face discussions can help both the person sharing the research and the audience.
The audience may help with suggestions for further research. The methods used by the presenter may help others to use them for their research.

On line discussion with Hangouts on Air such as Mondays with Myrt are a new way of creating discussion amongst researchers across the globe.
With all the emigration over the years this international discussion is proving to be extremely helpful.

We discussed what I am presenting in the hangout today so if you want to see what I mean go to the link above and view the video.

Just because you do not have research in your local area does not mean you cannot benefit from joining the local group.

Genealogy research can be a lonely process but we all need to learn how to do it if we want to do it right.

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