Thursday 3 March 2016

From Cave to Chapel

In one of my early posts on this blog I talked about W's, Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Today I am returning to Where, but not the where of my ancestors, it's the where of the place where I do most of researching and connecting, I call it my Geneacave. My issue is that I need a new name for my hideout.

We are empty nesters so I have a few choices for an office. For several years I used the small fourth bedroom but, after a while I found myself drowning in a sea of paper, files and techno toys so Mr GeniAus suggested that I move into bedroom 3 which is slightly larger. Bedroom 3, however, while it had more space only had a small window and didn't have much natural light (no good for webinars and hangouts). I worked happily there for a few years.

2013 - the move to Bedroom 3
Paddy the Pup was happy in Bedroom 3
Late last year, as we were getting rid of the paraphernalia that comes with small grandchildren I thought about the living room off the kitchen which we had dubbed the toyroom. It's a big room with two large windows and natural light, it's away from the bedroom zone and near the living end of the house, the router, kitchen and over a hall from Mr GeniAus' study and an external door. I made an executive decision that I would move on to there.

Mr GeniAus Painted the new digs while I was at Rootstech
I am loving my new accommodation although it's taking me a while to move and sort my gear. I have set Easter, when the family visits, as the time I will be done. Paddy the pup who used to sit in a bookself in the last Geneacave has happily found a nice spot at my feet under the desk.

My problem is that the term Geneacave. just does not fit. I am wondering what I should call my light and airy new digs.

Moving in
Moving in
What is your Where?Geneacave or a Geneacorner or a Research Zone???

I may call my new room the Chapel because Genealogy is my religion!


  1. Love your new Geneacave! I am just about to move into my new cave too, moving house this weekend. Enjoy your new space

  2. Genieheaven or I would love all that light and space. Looking great already.

  3. Haha!! Lucky, lucky you! I'm still in my Cave (it's even painted orange). But we are planning a big move 1000 miles south later this year, maybe I too will get a Chapel!

  4. Good luck with the move. Will you still be in our area or are you moving far away?

  5. What a lovely room! Compared to my own Geneacellar, it's a Geneacathedral!


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