Monday, 29 December 2014

Genealogy new year resolutions

A lot of ideas are coming through for reinvigorating our genealogy research in 2015.

Thomas MacEntee has proposed a genealogy do-over starting 2 January. There is a schedule of topics taking us up to the end of March. There is a FaceBook community with 836 members already excitedly exchanging ideas. Many experienced genealogists have come on board and it will be interesting to learn from them.

It is hard to start again but I think it is definitely an opportunity to put into practice all we have learned and apply it to our own family. All of us know more about genealogy research than when we started and do not often revisit the very core of our family tree. There is no question we will make new discoveries. We will probably also be more organised. It is a great opportunity to follow up on Pauleen Cass's post on her three Rs of Genealogy Research : Revisit, Record and Revise.

Some of the ideas that are being shared on organisation:
I have found blogging to be a great way to revisit and record my family history. A couple of prompts I use to help me find inspiration are:
This year I plan to join in the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks challenge by Amy Johnson Crow.

My own family history blog reached 150 posts late last month. I can't quite remember what the prompt was but I decided to print my blog. I used blog2print. It works on various platforms. There are several other providers who also print from blogs. I found blog2print very easy. There are limited options to tweak though you can choose to print only part of your blog using tags or a date range. You can vary the size of the photographs, whether you have a page break between each post ... I am really pleased to have a print copy of my blog. Some of the formatting has not translated perfectly from the screen to the printed page but overall it is a marvellous souvenir and back-up. I look forward to printing volume 2 towards the end of 2015.

Happy researching in 2015



  1. Great post Anne - and I'm very interested in that blog2print. Thanks for the hot tip!

  2. Anne, I was interested to hear that you like Blog2Print. I thought about using it, but I will probably just copy selected blog posts (usually without the comments) into a PDF document and publish that. As for the proposed 'do-over'... many people who try to start all over again will find that records they'd used before are not available now. For some of Queensland's most useful records, the 'restricted access' period has been increased to 100 years. This applies to hospital admission registers, Dunwich benevolent asylum records, insanity files, Supreme Court deed poll records, etc.


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