Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Cleage Family's Disappearing Ydna

Frank and Juda had 5 sons. I do not know if those other than my great grandfather, Lewis Cleage, had any children as I cannot find them after 1870.  My grandfather had 1 daughter and 4 sons.  Three of those sons had sons.  None of them had sons.  Unfortunately, I was not able to collect any DNA from them so I don't know what the YDna was.  I would have liked to know if the YDna went back to Angola because I have read that Samuel Cleage prefered slaves from Angola.

My grandfather and his siblings. Front left my grandfather, Albert B. Cleage Sr. Behind him is Henry, in the middle is their sister Josie. Front right is Edward.  Behind him is Jacob.

Cousins - Children of the Cleage brothers + spouse.
My grandparents and their 7 children. 1930.

L>R Hugh, Albert Jr, Albert Sr, Henry, Louis Cleage.   Of the 4 sons, only my father had children, both girls.

My sister, my father and me.  1953.


  1. It shows how quickly that Y-DNA can vanish doesn't it....and often the surname along with it, and that's without random illegitimacies or adoptions.

    1. After I did this one I realized that my mother's father's line has also run out. And Dock Allen's. It seems all lines have ended with plenty of daughters and no sons.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. If only I could get a dna sample from a photo!

  3. I agree you have lovely photos. Your family is blessed that way and you do a great job with them. The DNA stuff, fascinating, confusing, I am on the cusp of having to learn it I suppose. A cousin is asking.

  4. I have never gone down the DNA route,and may have left it too late, as both my father's and mother's names will not survive. I echo other comments, on your lovely family photographs, especially the family in the 1930's (look at the man and boy's fashion! ) and the one of you and your sister and Dad - you all look so proud and happy together.

  5. Absolutely wonderful photos!

    I recently bought DNA kits for my parents so I could sort out my matches between parents. Unfortunately, Dad, who suffered a massive cerebral brain hemorrhage two years ago, didn't get it and thought spitting was crazy! I got Mom's though. But you've got me thinking. Dad has a brother, who is still alive. I'm going to buy a test for him. Thanks!


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