Friday, 28 March 2014

The Gow Siblings.

The 28th of March has appeared on my doorstep out of nowhere. I've become quite busy with Uni that I haven't had much time to sit down and do the post I would like to. I will have time for that next month as mid-semester break is a couple of weeks away.

Late last year I received some photos from a distant cousin in New Zealand of each of the Gow Siblings. When I refer to the Gow Siblings, I'm talking about my Great Grandfather William & his older siblings John, Robert, Isabella & Jeannie. They were the children of William Gow & Jean Drummond, and were all born in Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland. Up until last year, I only had photos of William & John. You can imagine the genea-happy-dancing I was doing when I received photos of ALL FIVE SIBLINGS!

One of my favorite happy dances is Hugh Grant in Love Actually. 

May I present to you, the Gow Siblings...

John Gow

Birth: 9th of December, 1855 in Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland.
1st Marriage: 1891, to Betsy Ireland Syme Gow in Perthshire.
Number of Children: 1
2nd Marriage: 1896, to Annie Wilson in Perthshire.
Number of Children: 3
Death: 14th of January, 1929 in Glenstal, Ireland.

John Gow
Robert Gow

Birth: 14th of September, 1857 in Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland.
Marriage: 1886, to Mary Agnes Ryan in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Number of Children: 8
Death: 8th of December, 1927 in Sydney.

Robert Gow

Isabella Gow

Birth: 9th of April, 1859 in Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland.
Marriage: 1878, to John Reddoch in Perthshire, Scotland.
Number of Children: 9, and 2 stillborn.
Death: 13th of October, 1897 in Kinross, Scotland.

Isabella Gow

Jeannie Gow

Birth: 6th of July, 1864 in Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland.
Marriage: None.
Number of Children: 1 with an unknown male. 2 with Tom Donaldson. 1 with Allan McFarlane. 
Death: 31st of March, 1912 in Stirling, Scotland.

Jeannie Gow

William Gow

Birth: 21st of May, 1868 in Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland.
Marriage: 4th of December, 1904 to Elizabeth Croal in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Number of Children: 2. 
Death: 28th of November, 1943 in Macksville, New South Wales.

William Gow
Sidenote: Y'all are the first people to see photos of all five siblings in one post from me. I'm yet to post them in a single post on my own blog. Lucky ducks! :-D

Until next time genea-friends.


  1. That's a pre comprehensive post from someone who is time poor.

    I'll be doing more than a happy dance if I ever find pictures of all our Gowans siblings from Scotland.

  2. I can quite see why you were doing a happy dance :)

  3. Love your Happy Dance! What a wonderful collection of Photos.

  4. No wonder you felt like dancing after receiving those lovely photographs. But what a sad story of Isabella to die so young after giving birth 11 times. Jeannie's story reminded me of my great grandmother's step mother.. I assumed she was a widow with 3 children when she married my g.g.grandfather Robert - only to discover that she was single with 3 illegitimate children and went on to have another 5 children!


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